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MHS Behavioral Health is a Delaware-based mental health clinic that provides in-person and virtual mental health services. MHS Behavioral Health uses the nursing model; therefore, our psychiatric mental health team spends more time with clients than psychiatrists.

How can we help?

At MHS Behavioral Health, our team is a Telepsychiatry and in-person practice providing pediatric and adult psychiatric mental health services. Our Psych NPs and Clinical Therapists team is available to help you cope with emotional issues arising from life-changing events.

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Web-Based Care

With telepsychiatry, there is no need to travel to an office for treatment. It enables our clients to participate from their homes, using HIPAA-compliant video sessions.

Tailored Treatment Plan

With the client’s best outcome in mind, the MHS Behavioral Health provider develops the client’s treatment plan without the influence of any third party.

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Patient-Focused Care Model

The MHS Behavioral Health team strife to meet individuals’ specific mental health needs and desired health outcomes and build a trusting professional relationship with clients. We can accurately diagnose conditions and prescribe the most effective treatment by encouraging active collaboration and shared decision-making between patients, families, caregivers, and providers like your Primary Care Provider.

Holistic Approach.

MHS Behavioral Health uses a holistic approach to mental health because we understand that a severe illness can change your coping abilities. Our team puts you, not your diagnosis or symptoms, at the center of your treatment plan. Your provider will evaluate your emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual needs.

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